Want to be more financially stable?

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Ever wondered why some people seem to have their lives in order financially? Now, I’m not talking about the person with the unbelievably well paying job. You know the one, the one working for Google, Facebook or some such highly successful company. I’m talking about the person making an average wage, with a spouse doing the same, while maybe raising a couple of kids. Remarkably similar to your circumstances quite possibly. But, for some reason they always seem to have money around for the niceties in life that we all long for. You know, own a house, nice vacations, maybe dinner out once in a while. Now hopefully they’re doing all this by being smart and in control of their money and not just running up credit card debt! If this sounds like something you’d like to aspire to, I ask you to have a look around my site and decide if you think I couldn’t be of some assistance in making this happen for you. I’ve found that almost everyone has some area of their financial lives that needs some oversight. Why not put an expert in your corner?

March 2020 Update

I’ve been closed to new clients for a couple of years now. Given whats going on in the world though, another draw-down of substantial size in the markets, the 3rd one in recent memory, I’ve come to realize that people are in desperate need of assistance! To try to make a difference, I will open up some time for what I am referring to as a “Financial Second Opinion”. I am not licensed to sell financial products (and don’t want to be a peddler of the crap they sell as financial planning!). I will however take a look at what plans you have in place and make recommendations as to how it might be improved. For a flat rate, you can send me where your investments are going (I don’t need amounts) and the options available to you in your plans, and I will let you know what my thoughts are.

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Help for Businesses

I am available to come in to assist your employees in selecting the best choices to make when considering retirement funds. Let me help make your employees more productive by removing their concerns that their hard earned monies are doing the best they can for them, in any economic environment. Or, if you as an owner are facing a decision that you're not quite comfortable making on your own, why not get in touch to see if I can add a fresh perspective.