I’m not looking to sell you gold (or buy yours for that matter!). Nor looking to sell you an expensive subscription to a newsletter or service. I’m looking to establish a long-term mutually beneficial relationship that builds over the years into something that we both can be proud of. The product that I sell is my integrity and honest recommendations that puts your best interests ahead of all others.

To live in these times means that you’re expected to make decisions on all types of financial areas. Many, ask family or friends for advice and hope for the best. What I propose is to become that trusted advisor (although one that doesn’t wear a suit, nor tie), looking out for nothing but your best interests. There is really nothing like what I’m proposing out there. I’m talking about becoming a financial second opinion, unlike those that you see advertising their services, from a bank, brokerage or insurance company. Since I am selling nothing but my expertise and honest opinion, you’ll find that what I recommend is in your best interests, not those of someone trying to make their “quota”. Truly a unique value proposition, at a price that reflects the value that you put on the importance of the decisions being made. To honor those who help keep us safe, all active duty families and first responders receive their consulting free of any charges.