A Question

I’d like to ask a question. When you are buying a car, do you just walk into a showroom and let the sales person give you all the facts and details about the car, and then sign away? If you’re trying to put a vacation together, do you just take the first option that appears and go with it? Perhaps you’re buying a piece of real estate, and take the information provided by a realtor as part of the process. But it is just a part! You want to verify that what you’ve been told is in fact accurate. In the car example, you’ll go to Edmunds or something similar to give you more data with which to make an informed decision. Tripadvisor and such have made a great business by becoming good place where consumers can arm themselves with more information in order to have a better outcome. In the real estate area, there are many options to aid in research, such as Zillow and Bankrate.

If you think about it though, there really isn’t any equivalent in the financial arena. People are left to try to find information that oftentimes is difficult, if not impossible to unearth. Or, worse, they take what they are hearing from a salesperson in a fancy suit, in a fancy office and trust that they must know what they’re talking about. Have you ever wondered if they don’t have quotas they’re trying to acheive, just like the car sales person that we’re all aware of now. My aim in starting all of this is to level the playing field. I believe that the working people of this country deserve honest high quality advice. You shouldn’t have to have six figures in the bank in order to receive high quality counsel with regards to your money. Let’s face it, financial matters such as the stock market, economic cycles and such are rather difficult subjects to wrap your head around for those who haven’t been schooled in it or spent years in the business. The investment firms have made a killing over the years based on this. Isn’t it about time you armed yourself with someone who’s only goal is your best interests?

Help for Businesses

I am available to come in to assist your employees in selecting the best choices to make when considering retirement funds. Let me help make your employees more productive by removing their concerns that their hard earned monies are doing the best they can for them, in any economic environment. Or, if you as an owner are facing a decision that you're not quite comfortable making on your own, why not get in touch to see if I can add a fresh perspective.