Those of you living on a fixed income are really feeling the pinch right about now. The cost of living has done nothing but go up, while your income has been stagnant (or increased marginally) for the past few years. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are doing what they can to try to keep the country from going into another depression, but that fact makes it no easier for those of you trying to live off your savings. When he recently announced that he was going to stay with the zirp (zero interest rate policy) until 2014 now through mid 2015 after the September 13 announcement , banks seem to have lowered their already meager rates even further. You must take action if you want your standard of living to be what you envisioned when you retired. I’d be happy to sit down with you and explore how you might go about accomplishing this. Remember, our first meeting will always be free!

 If you are feeling the pain of today’s low interest rates, and would like to avail yourselves of the stock market, but have no idea how to go about doing so. I would be happy to consult with you after making sure that it is something that fits your risk profile and tolerance. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time researching dividend paying stocks for clients and have been putting together portfolios that, on average, yield in the 4-5% range, while trying to avoid some of the dividend payers that everyone has heard of. If we get a downdraft in the market, some of these are severely over-owned, and could really take quite a hit! Make no mistake, we are living through historic times economically and the onus is on each of us to do what we can to make it through to better times. I’d like to do my part to help everyone that needs it!

Help for Businesses

I am available to come in to assist your employees in selecting the best choices to make when considering retirement funds. Let me help make your employees more productive by removing their concerns that their hard earned monies are doing the best they can for them, in any economic environment. Or, if you as an owner are facing a decision that you're not quite comfortable making on your own, why not get in touch to see if I can add a fresh perspective.